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My main craft is knitting, but I have been known to make the occasional foray into jewelry, cards, cross stitch, sewing, spinning and dyeing.


I currently have five friends or family members who (1) are expecting children in the next year, and (2) I like enough to knit for. So far I’ve finished a knitting project for ONE of these children. Four left to go.  At least the first of these was completed before the child arrived. I can’t imagine I’ll be as lucky with the rest.

I’m also currently working on a Herbert Neibling pattern for a lace table runner. Ever since I started knitting I have had fantasies of sumptuous holiday dinners served on a deep wine colored runner with a poinsettia pattern. more than a decade later, I finally feel ready to attempt it. I cast this project on as part of a knit-along on December 31, 2018. I’m *almost* done with the first of four panels. So, basically, this table runner will be ready sometime in December 2022. And woe betide anyone who spills gravy on it!